World class specialists available
for your business

World class specialists available for your business



UX Design

Do you have and idea but you need help to visualize it? Does your solution need to have design up to date with latest fashion? Or maybe you need to collect your needs and design solution from end to end?

Embedded Software development

Do you need to have optimal solution for embedded hardware? Do you need to follow best embedded software practices? requirements like ISO-26262?

2D & 3D Applications development

Do you want to have great graphics for your solution? Would like you to achieve great effects in your application? Or maybe you wanna have dedicated graphical engine for desktop or embedded device?

Continuous Integration services

Wanna have quick feedback after delivering the code to your branches? Or maybe you need to report code coverage to fulfill ISO-26262 requirements? Do you know that having automated tests, even for GUI parts develop with Qt is possible?

Build system services

Do you start setup your C/C++ project and you need to design CMake build system? Or maybe you already have custom build system, but you would like to migrate it to CMake? Do you need to extend build system for supporting new platform?

Technical interviews

Do you need to hire Software Engineers, but you don't have resources to verify candidates' technical knowledge? Our engineers leaded hunderds of interviews that helped created talented and coordinated teams.

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Copyright © Quick Turn Studio GmbH. All rights reserved.

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